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Paul Roy

Paul Roy, LCSW

Therapist / Licensed Clinical Social Worker
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“I’ll admit the idea of setting time aside just for me was a foreign concept when I first began therapy. As a child I was taught to be seen and not heard. In my life, I had become the caregiver. My job was to take care of others needs before my own. As a result, I struggled with finding my own voice. I lost myself. What was my worth? Who was I if not a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend?

“When I first began therapy, I felt broken. I was anxious to be “fixed”. Paul encouraged me to breathe. Guided by his patience and understanding I began to realize therapy was a process. There was no right or wrong. Over time I began to open up to the possibility that perhaps I didn’t need fixing: that my past and present behaviors are not indicators of my worth. Paul continues to help me understand how my past experiences influence my behaviors and the decisions I’ve made throughout my life and into the present day.

“It’s not always an easy process, but Paul’s compassionate nature provides a safe environment where I can work through things at my own pace. Throughout this process, he accepts all of me. He has a unique ability to sift through and separate out the unhealthy habits/behaviors I’ve learned in the past and help me become more aware of myself, of who I am, and to celebrate my worth in this world.

“There is no doubt that Paul has a passion for what he does. It goes way beyond just listening.  He is engaging and genuine. He is patient and kind. He has great sense of humor and for me, this is so important. It always comes from a caring place inside of him. He helps me see things from different perspectives and for me, humor is a big part of this.

“Therapy is about giving myself permission to pause. I’m learning that I’m not broken. I’m human. I don’t need fixing. I need to celebrate myself. With Paul’s guidance I am gaining the skills necessary to become my own champion, while at the same time knowing that he will always be waiting behind the scenes, waving his own flag for who I am.”


“Paul is a thoughtful therapist. He is a great listener and is always present. His insight has helped me navigate challenges with compassion and humor and his inspiration has accelerated my personal growth immensely. I appreciate his perspective and always leave feeling enthusiastic and empowered.”


“As a childhood sexual assault survivor, Paul is amazing to work with. He understands and is able to help me work through my specific set of trauma issues. He has helped me to change the way that I have seen things in my life for years. It is important that he never gives me the answers but helps me find them instead. I could not be where I am today with myself if it were not for Paul's help.”


Paul Roy, LCSW
Therapist / Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Mission Trace
3333 S. Wadsworth Blvd.
Suite D-201
Lakewood, CO 80227